NCMA 2016 Award Finalists Announced

Musician of the Year 2016 –Joe Kulewitz, Anthony Hall, Kyle Bourgault, Dave Pechette, Kayla Sarro

Songwriter of the Year 2016 – Gregg Simmons, Kayla Sarro, James Staats, Mark Pierre, Robert Ruark

Best Female Vocalist 2016 – Renee Lussier, Kayla Sarro, Ashley Renee, Shawna Pechette, Kimberly Locke-Wilder

Best Male Vocalist 2016 – Kyle Bourgault, David Ahl, Paul Locasio,  Mark Pierre, Gregg Simmons

Radio Personality of the Year 2016 – Vito Ciccarelli, Kevin Richards, Jake Allen, Sean McMaster, Kyle Bourgault

Country Band of the Year 2016 – Moonshine Junkies, Skeeter Creek,  Whiskey Highway, True Grit Outlaws, Big Sky Country

Entertainer of the Year 2016 – Kayla Sarro, Skeeter Creek, MoonShine Junkies, Whiskey Highway, True Grit Outlaws

Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 – Kevin Richards, Richie Phillips, Kyle Bourgault, Jim Staats, Paul Locascio

Country Venue 2016 – Vapor, Rustic Barn, the MILL, Blackthorn Resort, Boar’s Nest

Best Line Dancers Group 2016 – Tony Marcantonio, Kyle Bourgault, Kevin Richards

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