Results from the 2018 NCMA!

The results are finally in! Congratulations to all these amazing artists, musicians, bands and groups who have made it in this year’s NCMA!! Thank you all for participating!
Here are the winners for the North Country Music Awards!

Winner for Entertainer of the Year 2018: Skeeter Creek

Winner for Country Venue 2018: Vapor Nightclub

Winner for Musician of the Year 2018: Joe Kulewicz

Winner for Songwriter of the Year 2018: JJ Raymond

Winner for Best Male Vocalist 2018: David Ahl

Winner for Best Female Vocalist 2018: Renee Lussier

Winner for Lifetime Achievement Award 2018: Matthew Sean

Winner for Radio Personality of the Year 2018: Kevin Richards

Winner for Sue Bogucki Award 2018: Matthew Sean

Winner for Best Line Dancers Group 2018: Country Kickers

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