Nominations and Voting

The 2019 North Country Music Awards concluded with the award show at the Schaghticoke Fair on September 2, 2019. Here are the results from 2019:

Winner for Sue Bogucki Award 2019: Jenna Sue
Winner for Best Gospel Act 2019: Bridge Street Revival
Winner for Entertainer of the Year 2019: Skeeter Creek
Winner for Lifetime Achievement Award 2019: Joe Kulewicz & Skeeter Creek
Winner for Best Line Dancers 2019: Kevin Richards Group
Winner for Best Female Vocalist 2019: Renee Lussier
Winner for Best Male Vocalist 2019: David Ahl
Winner for Songwriter of the Year 2019: David J
Winner for Musician of the Year 2019: Renee Lussier
Winner for Country Venue 2019: VAPOR
Winner for Radio Personality of the Year 2019: Kevin Richards